Copper Coast Woodcrafts is a timber and copper craft company based on the coast of County Waterford in Ireland. 

Copper Coast Woodcrafts hand-make a wide selection of traditional products with a unique modern twist including a variety Christmas items like families of miniature wooden reindeer, timber tree decorations and keepsake boxes for family treasures.

For a special occasion love heart-shaped engagement ring boxes for that all-important big question or your ring box for your own wedding day is one of the most popular products.

An array of beautiful bespoke products for the kitchen are also designed and created, from an end grain butcher block which is sure to last a lifetime to surf shaped breadboards, traditional chopping boards, sushi boards and more.

A broad array of trendy bespoke timber and copper products are also designed and created including bent nail beer bottle openers, bespoke custom made longboard cruiser skateboards and old school style penny boards along with unique VW camper style timber artwork pieces and Eco- amplifiers for iPhone and Android phones for music streaming.

Carpenter Gary Cowman designs and hand makes each of Copper Coast Woodcrafts unique pieces.

Gary has acute attention to detail and loves to create new and bespoke products, he also teaches carpentry and joinery to student apprentices and has been mastering his art for over 20 years.

Copper Coast Woodcrafts also creates custom made products and product batches for commercial and corporates, some include own branded breadboard for hotels, restaurants and food businesses, beer sample trays, surf competition trophies and business awards.

If you would like to discuss custom products or if you have any queries please feel free to get in touch by here or call 086 8733592.