Food & Drink

Inspired by our coastal location our Food & Drinks product Collection is tableware that has been lovingly hand-manufactured using home-grown, locally sourced timber.

The products bring contemporary coolness, functionality and bespoke design to any kitchen. We create, breadboards, chopping boards and cheese boards of all shapes and sizes along with surf shaped serving boards and some beautiful end grain butcher blocks.

To help you all to enjoy cooking up some delicious creations in your kitchen at this time, we are offering 10% off of all Food & Drinks Products with the Promo code #WashYourHands

You can browse our food and drinks products here.


To care for your Copper Coast Woodcrafts food or drinks product do not put it into the dishwasher or immerse in water.

A food-safe mineral oil is used to finish all of our products.

To clean:

  • Wipe off any soiled areas with a warm slightly wet cloth and pat it dry with kitchen roll.
  • Mineral Oil is available at any chemist can be used occasionally to re-seal the wood once dry.
  • Apply generously and wipe off excess with tissue paper once most of the oil has soaked in.
  • Your board should have a low lustre shine when you are finished
  • Keep away from heat sources and direct sunlight.